Sharps Waste Disposal and Its Potential Risks to Humans and Animals

Sharps Waste Disposal

Sharp instruments used for medical purposes should be disposed of correctly to avoid infections. In any hospital, they are referred to as ‘sharps,’ and they are a biohazardous waste product due to the fact that they can puncture, tear or cut your skin in case they are not disposed of correctly. 

The risks of improper sharps waste disposal

Improper sharps waste disposal leads to dangerous pathogens being transferred from body fluids or the blood to another person. This is extremely dangerous to humans and animals who come into contact with contaminated sharps. 

Credible companies are now taking the onus of correctly disposing of them so that medical personnel and patients in the hospital are safe. In fact, the staff of these companies has to be specially trained for the job as they too are at high risk when it comes to the management of sharps waste disposal. Medical units and hospitals have to be very careful when disposing of sharps in bins as everyone in the area where these bins are kept is exposed to infections. These people also include janitors, the administrative staff of the hospital, and others. 

What are sharps? 

Sharps refer to any type of instrument used for piercing the skin like scalpels, blunted needles, phlebotomy needles, suture needles, hypodermic needs, IV catheters, etc. In fact, every healthcare organization, right from the smallest unit to a large hospital premise, should ensure that sharps waste is moved safely. In fact, it should be compliant with all the hazardous and medical waste regulations prevailing in the state.

This can be done either intentionally or could be an accident. Everyone is aware of the fact that mistakes can occur, and there is a high possibility of certain items falling through the cracks. However, risks should never be taken, and credible companies dealing with the disposal of medical and pharmaceutical waste should be hired for the job. 

Hire professionals for the correct disposal of sharps 

Fortunately, in the modern era, several companies specialize in the disposal of sharps. They have trained personnel and use the latest equipment and infrastructure when it comes to the safe disposal of such waste.

They also have safety protocols in place to protect their staff who are managing this waste disposal process. They use special containers that are made of heavy-duty materials that are resistant to leaks to ensure the waste products do not slip out and pose a threat to anyone. 

When you look for a company dealing with sharps waste disposal, research well and never hire one in haste. You should check the credentials of the company to ensure the professionals there are adhering to the regulations imposed for the safe disposal of medical/pharmaceutical waste.

Moreover, these companies will have trained and experienced staff who handle these containers marked for the management of hazardous waste. They generally have a tight-fitting lid to ensure the contents of the container do not fall and are kept stable and upright when being used. The material is resistant to punctures by the sharps inside, and proper disposal techniques are always followed for safety.