Challenges You May Face While Outsourcing Sales Team

Challenges You May Face While Outsourcing Sales Team

In order to gain prospect, qualify leads, fix up sales meetings and win over new business you may be thinking of outsourcing sales team. When you outsource sales team they take up the job of sales from your hand, thus allowing your internal team to concentrate on different other competencies.

While you engage an outsourced sales team you should be aware of the different challenges that you may have to address while working with them.

Control over the outsourced team

The biggest challenge that you will face with your outsourced sales reps is the amount of control over them. It’s your brand and someone else is representing it. You must be worried about it. Apart from that it is also a question that whether they are pursuing the leads wisely that will help in growth of your business.

To be sure of the action by the outsourced sales team you must look for transparency. They must review their progress frequently so that you have control over their efforts and actions. While choosing a firm make sure you ask the “how do they let you track their result and report?” someone who let you participate in every step should be your solution, not someone who only delivers you the result.

Alignment with your organization

Almost every organization has their own established process. This is again another challenge that may come when you are outsourcing sales team. There should be good terms between your internal team and the outsourced team. If they do not communicate openly then it’s your business that is going to suffer. In case there is misalignment between your internal team and the outsourced team then that will reflect on different selling prospects. This will again be detrimental for your brand.

A good outsourced team will always work try to integrate with your internal team and try to follow your leadership. While you choose an outsourced firm you must be specific about the onboarding process. You need to choose a team that will work along with your team and try to get results for growth of your business.

Affordability of outsourcing

The most common concern that you will have while planning to outsource sales team is its cost! Sometimes you may find that outsourcing the sales team is quite an investment for a business like you, but at the end you must try to find out if this investment will give returns in long run.

In order to know exactly how much it will cost and what are the benefits that you can derive you have to work on few things. First consider the different services that they will offer you and determine the charges for that. Then try to get the estimate of what will they deliver against these charges, like how much pipeline do they promise to build for your organization? What will be their contribution towards your revenue and so on? Once you determine all these and work on whether it will be profitable in the long run you can take the right decision.