How Vedic Astrology Effects Business

How Vedic Astrology Effects Business

Does planets or their placements in the kundali effects the business?

Absolutely yes, according to vedic astrology the planets and their placements in the kundali or horoscope effects every aspects of life and business is one of the aspect so it is also affected by it.

As we all know that today’s era is very busy and hectic so nobody  have time for each other they all want is money, so that they can live a luxurious life. So every person tries various ways to earn money, but earning money is not so easy. One of the ways to earn money is business in it you get more money very easily. And today every person wants to have their own business instead of doing a job.

As business offers freedom and an open sky to achieve whatever you want. In business the person is his or her own boss. In it they don’t have to report to anyone regarding any kind of work or operations and even the person is the sole decision maker.

But a person should know that where a business offers great opportunities to earn, but the risk factor associated with it is very high. The person must understand that the business have uncertainties related to capital requirement, order execution, manufacturing, retail market challenges, complexities in market, satisfaction of clients, sudden changes in market, competitions, market dynamics, etc. So a person should always be ready for these challenges and make sure that he or she has the necessary resources to face the upcoming challenges.

But apart from these challenges there is one thing that ultimately decides the fate of business that is planets and their placements in kundali or horoscope. Yes they play a very crucial role in affecting the business. So before starting any business you must consult an astrologer to know the best line of business that is signified by the planets which are placed favorably in the kundali and offers him or her powerful support  to excel in that particular business.

According to vedic astrology there are some planets and some specific houses related to business in the kundali or horoscope, so whenever you are starting a business you must see that those houses are strong and free from malefic planets in order to run the business successfully with positive growth and profit decent profit.

So many people consult an astrologer before starting a business just to avoid the uncertainties this is because of the astrological remedies that are provided by the astrologer and they have a very successful business.

Here I m going to discuss about the houses that affects the business. There are many astrological factors that should be kept in mind while evaluating what kind of business you want to start. Vedic astrology not only tells about the future even it determine the specific line of business which can be suitable for a person with maximum opportunities according to the planets in the kundali of the person.

There are many scenarios in the kundali of a person that are seen by an astrologer before calculating anything.  As everything is very uncertain when it comes to life, so you should consult the best astrologer. So what does an Astrologer look while analyzing the horoscope or Kundali of a person with respect to business?

Here we will see some houses that affect the business matter in kundali or horoscope:

2nd House

The house that is related to accumulated wealth and bank balance is the 2nd house and it is very crucial to ascertain that what kind of financial status a person will have in life.

6th House

The house that must be favorable for a person is 6th house. It protects the business of the person from various hurdles, enemies and obstacles that emerges from time to time. This house represents enemies, competitions, loans and litigations.

 7th House

The primary house of business is 7th house and it represents partnership in business. The most important thing in this house is that it should be free from negative planetary influences, for being successful in business.

10th House

This house is related to profession and career, it represents authority, name and fame. This house should be strong as it plays a huge role in affecting retail and marketing driven business in a positive way. It attracts great gains and profits.

11th House

This house is related to gains and profits and realization of desire. So this house should be very strong so that it ensures strong gains and profits in the business.

12th House

This house is related to expenditure and has high relevance in deciding the financial aspects of a business.

So these are the houses that should be kept in mind while seeing the kundali or horoscope and that can be done an astrologer. Even Vastu also plays a very vital role in business, so it should also be kept in mind while starting a business. So before stating any business you must consult the Astrologer in Ahmedabad. He is said to be one of the most concerned astrologer in year 2021.